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We are committed to sustainability & generating positive change

The impact HYP has on our community is at the heart of everything we do. Caring for our environment is part of this process. We are committed to protecting the world we live in, setting a good example, and educating our young people on the importance of sustainable practices.

Operating responsibly improves the quality of human life, protects wildlife and helps people feel better. We have 15 commitments across 5 focus areas that are embedded in our values.

Our commitments:

Sustainable habits & partnerships

  • Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Your Shore Beach Rangers

This project gives young people the skills and knowledge to improve local environments from reducing marine pollution to minimising food waste. Recent events included a silent disco beach clean!

  • Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback campaign

We’re planting 30 trees in the HYP garden as well as a local meadow. Planting trees is one of the best climate change solutions.

  • Surfers Against Sewage

We’re working closely with SAS to reduce plastic waste, clean our coastline and achieve plastic-free status by 2021.

  • Fruity Hayle

We plant fruit trees which provide food and shelter for birds and insects. Fruity Hayle also provides educational workshops for our young people.

  • Clothing swaps

Textile production has a huge impact on global warming, so organising clothing swaps reduces fast fashion consumption.

  • FareShare Food Scheme

At our Youth Café, we use food from this scheme to reduce waste and promote healthy living.

  • Vegetable patch

We grow our own veggies and encourage young people to think about where produce comes from, thereby creating sustainable habits for life.

  • We encourage young people to respect and appreciate the natural world at all times.


  • Solar energy

Solar panels on our roof supply a high percentage of the centre’s energy.

  • Saving energy and resources

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by printing minimally and being mindful of electricity consumption.


  • Refill Cornwall Scheme

Reduces the use of plastic bottles.

  • Water efficiency

We practice and educate our young people on the importance of conserving water.

Recycling and waste

  • Recycling station
  • Compost bins


  • Eco-driving

We aim to reduce transport emissions where possible through smarter route planning and considering the necessity of each journey we make.

Throughout our programmes, we educate young people on the importance of sustainable practices – fostering a love and respect for our natural world.