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Looking for some help?

How to get involved with HYP?

What HYP can do to help

We work directly with young people and help to support and informally educate them.

One of our main roles is to provide one-to-one mentoring with young people. This takes place for up to 1 hour each week, when the young person and their allocated youth worker will meet and talk confidentially about anything that the young person wishes to discuss.

The sessions can take place during school hours and sometimes after school hours; they can be face-to-face or via a telephone or video call.

The youth worker’s role is to support the young person; offer information and guidance and consider other potential and appropriate referral routes for the young person.

How to get a young person involved with HYP

One-to-One sessions

A young person can be referred to HYP via their own school. The Parent / Carer or young person can do this by speaking directly to a Pastoral member of staff in their school. The school should treat everything confidentially and will consider a referral to HYP. It is always best to discuss this with the young person first and not spring it on them.

After School Youth Group and Breakfast Club

We also offer an after-school, free youth group on certain evenings of the week. This is a great way for young people to make new friends or have some semi-structured time with other young people, as well as access to youth workers.

HYP also offer a free a breakfast club, before school on certain mornings of the week. The young people receive a free, healthy breakfast and a bit of quiet time before the school day.

Both of these clubs, take place at the HYP Centre in Hayle, near Hayle Academy, west Cornwall.

If you would like to discuss a young person joining one of these please contact