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Our Young People

Rosie's Story

Rosie has come such a long way since working with HYP. Read her inspiring story here.


Positive Me! Programme

A young woman with a history of self-harm and suicidal ideation, saw her confidence grow by taking part in the Positive Me! programme.

During the first session she was very withdrawn and disengaged. She sat with her back to the group, looked down and did not make eye contact. The young person did not engage with their peers or adults, and it was clear that she struggled with the group setting.

Both facilitators took it in turns to work 1:1 with this young person where possible and included them in group activities, giving them access to colouring, drawing and other art materials.

Over time, the young person started to build trusted relationships with both facilitators and began to talk about their difficulties. They started to face in towards the circle, make eye contact and showed signs of wanting to engage with the rest of the group.

It was clearly visible to see the young person’s confidence grow a little each week as they started to get involved in the activities and attended the sessions regularly.

This young person was assigned a youth worker and started 1:1 mentoring sessions after the programme had finished.

Taking part in the programme also encouraged this young person to start talking therapies with CAMHS and there was a reduction in their self-harm.

Emotional Resilience Group

A young man's confidence grew after building trusted relationships with our group facilitators and his peers.

One young man who came to our programme wouldn’t even choose an emotion card at the beginning of the programme.  However, by the end of the course he was able to not only choose a card, but also discuss his card with his peers in front of the group!