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Our Services

Empowering young people to make positive life choices

Mentoring Programme

Our mentoring programme involves a young person meeting one-to-one with one of our dedicated youth workers. Sessions continue for as long as required. 

Research proves the most important factor in fostering resilience in young people is a caring, consistent relationship with an adult. 

The earlier the bond is formed, the stronger it is and the greater impact it has on the young person’s future. 

All sessions are structured with clear targets and objectives agreed by the referring agency, young person and mentor.


How they work

We provide a safe and comfortable environment that enables young people to relax and share their stories. We build trust and security in a professional yet informal relationship. If needed, we will attend professionals’ meetings and provide advocacy for the young person.


One-to-one mentoring

Positive role model

Exploring positive life choices

Developing coping strategies

Increased emotional resilience and self-esteem

Improved communication skills

Safe space to talk, offload and reflect 


Emotional Resilience Group

ERG is a 10 week programme for young men which runs for 2 hours per week. During the 10 weeks, the workers and young people create a safe, supportive environment where young men can talk about their feelings in a group setting.

What is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience refers to our ability to cope with stressful situations or crisis. More resilient people are able to adapt to adversity. Less resilient people have a harder time with stress and life’s challenges. Fortunately, emotional resilience is a trait that can be developed. We can learn to persevere, become aware of what we’re feeling and why, and gain fresh perspective.

This programme includes a guest speaker who talks about the teenage brain, yoga, surfing, pottery, forest school and lots more. One of the main things that young people take from this group is the importance to talk about things and not bottle it up. We encourage them to talk about their feelings and also help support their friends and peers where possible too.


The change in young people has been echoed in various ways. Some young people have started the programme lacking in confidence but by the end have been more confident and empowered.

“Thank you so much Tom and Aidan for these last few weeks. My son has loved every minute of it and has gained so much confidence from it. I can’t thank you enough for your time and dedication, it really makes a difference.”

Positive Me!

Positive me is a 12 week programme for a group of young women who attend a 2 hour group session once a week. The sessions are based around encouraging young women to have open conversations about their feelings using the emotion cards to engage in how they feel and offer any help, advise and support to each other.

The programme includes lots of different activities such as jubilee pool swimming sessions, horse riding and forest school. The group is about providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for the young women, facilitated by two experienced youth workers. The mixture of centre-based and offsite activities aims to promote positive wellbeing and are designed to encourage conversations amongst the group and develop an awareness of factors that can have an impact on their future wellbeing i.e., relationships, identifying emotions and triggers, how to keep yourself safe, the teenage brain, neuroscience and there is also a session on self-harm.


The feedback from the young people’s evaluations have been really positive with some saying, ‘I feel more empowered’, ‘It is an amazing experience and helps you understand yourself’, ‘This programme has helped me a lot’, ‘I faced my fears, and I did something I didn’t think I could do’. When we asked the last group, we worked with on the ’Positive me’ programme to describe their experience of the project in one word they said it was: Enjoyable, fun, exciting, safe, super, and helpful.

The feedback from the schools has also been very positive with one teacher commenting that a young person ‘appeared to be more confident and open to talk about her emotions after attending the programme’. Feedback from a school regarding a young person was that ‘The group helped with her confidence and mental health’.

One school commented about the facilitators and organisation of the programme that ‘The staff are always organised and offer a wide variety of different activities’, ‘They are experts in the field for specific activities, supportive, available and resources ready on arrival’.

HYP Surf School

Learn to surf with our fully accredited HYP Surf School. Our instructors are fully qualified lifeguards and we provide all wetsuits and boards.

Holiday Activities

We offer a fun and empowering activities programme every school holiday. We invite young people to embrace fresh challenges, get outside and get wild!

Surfing improves fitness and teaches us patience, courage and perseverance. Being in the ocean helps us become mindful and improves our sense of well-being. Young people benefit from social interaction and it gives a great confidence boost.

Forest School
Young people are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected with the natural world. Learn to build fires, make dens, play games, roam in the river, and enjoy hot chocolate under the trees!

Tate St Ives
HYP work in partnership with Tate St Ives to deliver art and animation workshops for young people. These sessions are informative, fun and offer opportunities to learn new skills and discover hidden talents.

Drama & Theatre
We regularly visit Minack Theatre productions and take part in annual drama workshops in their open-air theatre. We also organise trips to see Rogue Theatre productions in the spectacular setting of Tehidy Woods. These activities open young people’s minds as they enjoy the creative magic of these imaginary worlds.

Other activities include:

  • problem-solving games
  • archery
  • ice skating
  • sailing

Healthy Positive Futures

Healthy Positive Futures provides an informal educational experience for young people across Cornwall. At HYP we offer a provision that supports young people to pursue their passions, connect with nature and develop emotional resilience. This provision runs every Monday & Tuesday 8.30am-3pm during term time.

Sexual Health & Young Women's Health

All of our HYP workers are C-Card trained which allows them to distribute free condoms and talk to people about Sexual health.  We are a registered C Card location for all young people to come and receive FREE protection.

Sanitary Wear
At HYP we recognise ‘Period Poverty’. We help tackle this issue by supplying FREE sanitary wear to any young person who accesses our facilities.  We receive donations of sanitary wear and money to buy products to give to young person.

Breakfast Club and Youth Cafe

We offer a friendly and relaxed space for young people to come along and receive a healthy meal, before and after school.

Breakfast Club
Our Breakfast Club runs every Tuesday and Thursday during term time between 7.45am-8.45am.

Young people can drop in for a healthy, nutritious breakfast to set them up for the day, in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Our team of experienced youth workers are always on hand for information, advice and guidance as well as a friendly chat.  For more information, click here.

Youth Cafe
Our Youth Cafes are open access and provide young people with a safe space in which to the make new friends, socialise with peers, and receive information, advice and guidance from our team of experienced youth workers in a relaxed atmosphere.  To find out when are Youth Cafes run, click here.


A youth group for all young people aged 11-16 in the LGBTQ+ community. A safe space to chat and get support from peers and our youth workers.

Every Thursday.